Phileas Fogg is a creature of habit, a man who runs his life with clockwork precision. He knows when his shaving water is supplied two degrees cooler than it is meant to be; he knows exactly how many paces it is from his Savile Row home to the Reform Club; and he knows that it is perfectly possible to circumnavigate the globe in 80 days. Five of his club companions beg to differ on the latter point. Surely that is a theoretical schedule, one quickly derailed by adverse conditions and ill luck? Fogg determines to settle the issue and a wager is born. He and his new valet, Jean Passe-partout, embark on an epic race against time over land and sea, natural hazards and man-made obstacles impeding their progress at every turn.And shadowing them every step of the way is a dogged Scotland Yard detective…Jules Verne’s transcontinental adventure rattles along at breakneck speed, a breathless tale of derring-do that ha thrilled readers since it first appeared in 1872.