BluetoothCar charger CARA 2


Car Bluetooth FM transmitter


The productis a car-specific Bluetooth car MP3 player with high performance.

Professional-gradeBluetooth core block, MP3 decoder chip. Able to play TF card.

The musicfiles are transmitted wirelessly to the car stereo via FM.

You can alsoconnect the music in your mobile phone through the wireless connection.

Lose,transfer to car audio.

You can alsouse this device as a telephone hands-free system. In your drive.

Freecommunication during driving.

This deviceis transmitted to your car audio via wireless transmission.

You don`tneed to modify your car to enjoy music while driving.

You can alsouse the hands-free mobile phone to talk, and the entertainment is safe.


1, SupportBluetooth hands-free, built-in microphone, convenient and secure answeringcalls

2, noisehandling during call CVC, wind noise suppression, full-duplex call technology

3, Supportmobile phone A2DP function, play high quality hand directly after connecting toBluetooth


4,automatically turn back after power-on, automatically enter the pairing status

5, supportTF card expansion to play MP3WAV format music

6, comeswith car charger, output 5V-1000m, can be hand-held

End devicecharging