Nikki’s day is not going so well! Despite being the school’s biggest DORK, she has also managed to get a peanut butter, jelly and pickle sandwich stuck on her brand new jumper and a ball thrown at her, hitting her right in the face!As this dodge ball is thrown purposely at her by her worst enemy Mackenzie, Nikki falls into a delusional Fairy Tale World, with three different classes; the Rogues, who are magic users, Renegades, who are adventurers, and the Regals, who are royalty. All of Nikki’s friends are featured in this crazy dream, but will Nikki ever get back to the real world? Her fairy Godmother Brianna, also known as her bratty little sister in real life, isn’t a very good fairy Godmother, and doesn’t turn up most of the time, but Brianna comes through in the end. Will it be enough? Nikki enters a lot of fairy tales with a special dorky twist, but how do they end? Will Nikki be trapped forever in this crazy Fairytale world? Read this fantastic book to find out!Ithoroughly enjoyed this book, and I can’t wait to read another Dork Diaries book! I would definitely recommend it, though it only took me two days to read! (I’m such a bookworm!) You should definitely read it, it’s a really magnificent book, I hope I haven’t given away too much!