Haino Teko POP 2020 Limited Edition Wireless Airpod


Product Type: Original

Touch Sensor: Yes

Sensor touch double side: Yes

Support Siri: Yes

Auto power off: Yes

Battery Time: 3 -4 Hours

Bluetooth Version 5.0: Yes

Colors-White, Black, Red


Authentic Product Haino Teko Product from Germany, AutoPairing auto connect. Battery last 3-4 hours music/calling at default volume,10-12 hours with charging box music/calling at default volume, 3 times chargingbox can charge earbuds.

You’ll also want to say goodbye to wired handsets as soon asyou can by buying a Bluetooth handset. One of these successful models is theBluetooth hands-free model “POP-2020” of the Haino Teko brand “Haino Teko”, aGerman brand that manufactures its products in China. The company’s productsare among the top-quality products in terms of quality, and its strategy isfrom the beginning to order and produce products that can compete with othercompanies. The “POP-2020” model is exactly the same size as the AirPad,designed and built with almost all its features. This product has good soundquality and volume output and can bring you the pleasure of listening to music.It also has a high purchase value compared to its counterpart products. Thehandsfree is housed in a box that can be used to hold and charge phones. Byremoving the handsfree from the box, each of them is automatically switched onand paired, then you can turn on your mobile Bluetooth and select and connectto the POP-2020 from the available list. You can charge your phones three tofour times each time you charge, and listen to music continuously for about 4-5hours if the handset is fully charged. Phones are touch or touch controlled.You can also use each handset individually and individually. The package alsocomes with a silicone protective cover to place your box at no extra cost to protectit.