In career as in life, there are always many alternatives available. For me, all I had always wanted was to become a doctor, to make people well as I had seen my father do. That vision, imbibed early on in life, acted as my beacon, a sure pathfinder through the vicissitudes of life. I stuck to that simple ideal, and it has served me well.After almost fifty years practicing medicine, it is now time to share my experiences. In this book, I share things that I now know, but which I wished I knew 60 years ago. I now understand the role of mentorship and the right modeling of character, the value of persistence and focus, and the place of employment as well as private practice in the life of a professional.In this book, you find a lot to laugh about, and a few others to ponder. But, I hope, you will also find solid, down-to earth and time-tested tips and advice on some issues such as career choice and advancement as well as managing life for a career couple. Even as I let myself go in these pages, it is my fondest hope that my experiences will in some ways be of help to those younger than me in experience—if not in age. To all my readers—including medics, leaders, families and young people—I commend this book.