The Incredible Ways of Parenting deals with important aspects of parenting, offering creativeanswers for many of the most common parental dilemmas and mistakes. It incorporatesmodern and traditional methods that serve its purpose to maintain a parent-children harmony.From infancy to being a toddler, it includes scientific explanation and psychologicalunderstanding on the children’s growth supporting their physical and emotional necessities.It emphasizes to teach children to do the right thing through proper discipline which plays acrucial role of their character.

It further includes practical and useful key points for the parents as their children becometeens. It involves their behavior, self-esteem, physical changes, appearance, sexuality,privacy and their overall wellbeing. Moreover, it accentuates the current social issues thatevery parent and guardian should be aware of, such as bullying. As the teens reach pubertyto the point of intimacy, courtship and marriage. This book strengthens the family bond andteaches them to pass on a positive familial connection down to the next generation.It also offers solutions on how to deal with stressful times in the best possible means and howto create a positive environment for the entire family.This book is a must-have for parents (and future parents), guardians and anyone who takescare of children especially schools and Daycares. This book can also be a valuable tool forthose who are likely to encounter these realities and those who may have had handled theirterms in the ineffective way. Trust me, there are incredible ways of parenting–you alwayswanted to know.

Many call parenting a science because it involves many variables and requires proficiencyin promoting and supporting the physical, emotional, social and intellectual development ofa child from infancy to adulthood, which is not an easy undertaking. And it is not easy alsobecause each child is a different being and requires a different reaction and approach to his/her development needs. This book is a good step in this direction as it provides helpful tipsand advice to make parenting easier. I recommend it unreservedly.

—Dr. Luis Ritto, Former European Union Ambassador and Emeritus Professor at ISPD(Protocol and Diplomacy), Brussels.