Twin Dual Double Shock vibration PC Controller Gamepad


This high performance Ucom DualShock Gamepad has everythingyou need to play the game. It features eight-way digital D-buttons, eightdigital fire buttons, vibration feedback (Dual Shock), plus both turbo &normal modes.

With super control, durability and thumb-controlled analogsticks, this user friendly and easy to install Ucom DualShock Gamepad is readyfor immediate gaming action — no calibration needed.

PC Controller:

Interactive joypads for 2 players

Double shock vibration

11 fire buttons to control the latest games

Digital and analog modes for peak performance

1.8meter cord for optimal freedom

2 analog controllers that enable you to control 4 separateaxes

USB port provides easy connection

Win9x, Win 2000, Win XP

Ideal Gamepad controller to play all games on PC

Vibration function support dual shock games

Support PC USB 2.0/1.1/1.0

Reliable and stable construction


Cable length: 143 cm.

Vibration: Yes.

features support the plug and play.

Simulate the mode to convert with normal regulations modearbitrarily.

12 function keys satisfy your game action.

The shape is special, feeling comfortable