TYPE-C to HDMI 8 in 1 Adapter

Product Description:

8 in 1 Adapter

-LAN: this allows you to connect your laptop to wirednetworks. Useful in case the built in LAN interface on your laptop is broken.


-SD Card: SD Card. this is a memory card format. Ifyou have a memory SD card, you can plug this in the adapter and your laptop canaccess the contents

-TF-Card or Trans Flash card use to store your data.

-USB 3.0*2: USB devices to be connected to each otherwith and transfer digital data over USB cables.

-HDMI: HDMI is for connecting to TVs and monitors,Projector

-VGA: VGA used to connect a computer to a monitor,projector, or TV

– Support Standard Type-C Interface, support gigabittransmission, HDMI interface maximum support 3840*2160/30HZ,

The maximum resolution of VGA is 1080P, HDMI+VGA interfaceCan’t use Simultaneously,

Dual U3 support data transmission, Built-in PD chip, canbuilt-in chip to recharge a computer with a PD charging function.

-Support Face and Back insert, high quality aluminum alloyshell, beter texture