Thismulti-purpose 650ml Anti-static Universal Foam Cleaning Agent Spray PC SurfaceCleaner that rapidly lifts ingrained dirt, grease and grime from the castingwidely used in the computer industry. Simply spray on and let the foam breakdown the contamination then wipe away residue for a super clean finish. But youmay notice that do not spray it directly onto keyboards. What’s more, thiscleanser is pretty versatile for it is also applicable for surface of oilextruder, ventilator, metals and plastic; furniture, floor, walls and ceramicproducts, etc. Altogether, it is a great partner for computer users. FeaturesAdopt natural surface active agent Optimize performance and prolong the life ofyour equipment Non-abrasive foaming cleaner which removes dust, fingerprints,and ink stains Suitable for PCs, notebooks, keyboards, printers, scanners,display cabinets, desk tops, etc. Remove tough, stubborn stains Safe onplastics, metals and painted surfaces Professional size 650ml – Excellent valuefor money Specifications Material Natural Surface Active Agent Capacity 650mlApplicable for surface of oil extruder, ventilator, metals and plastic;furniture, floor, walls and ceramic products; Interior and exterior surface ofcar, plane, ships and industry machines; various office equipments including computer,copy machine and printer.


Adoptnatural surface active agent

Optimizeperformance and prolong the life of your equipment

Non-abrasivefoaming cleaner which removes dust, fingerprints, and ink stains

Suitablefor PCs, notebooks, keyboards, printers, scanners, display cabinets, desktops,etc.

Removetough, stubborn stains

Safeon plastics, metals and painted surfaces

Professionalsize 650ml – Excellent value for money


Material:Natural Surface Active Agent


Weight:22.75 oz / 645 g

PackageIncludes: 1 x Universal Foam Cleaning Agent

Product Overview

The Handboss Universal FoamCleaning Agent contains a natural surface active agent withfast penetration and cleaning property for powerful dirt removing performance.This non-toxic, anti-microbial and deodorizing agent can be used on surfaces ofmachines, metals, plastic, various office equipment including computers,photocopy machines, printers, interior and exterior surface of car and industrymachines, furniture, floor and ceramic products.

New Natural Green Cleaners

Thisproduct is made of natural surface active agent which extract from the rawmaterial of original halobis. It has plant essence with powerful cleaningproperty, refined by scientific processing with characteristics ofenvironmental protection, sterilization and non-toxic.


Surfaceof machine, on Metals, Surface of various office equipments Including computer,copy machine and printer, etc…

Compatiblewith: PC & Laptop

Applicablefor           surface of oil extruder,ventilator, metals and plastic; furniture, floor, walls and ceramic products;Interior and exterior surface of car, plane, ships and industry machines;various office equipments including computer, copy machine and printer.

General Description

  • The product is mainly made of natural surfaceactive agent with fast penetration and cleaning property and powerful dirtremoving performance.
  • Apply advanced technology, contain non-toxicand anti-microbial.
  • Free of phosphor and harmful organic solventto remove animal and plant oil, lubricant etc.
  • It is also applicable for water scald,bitumen, ink and carbon powder.
  • Plenty of foam, high adhesion, convenient forwashing.
  • It generates elegant fragrance after using.